SEADEV Core Values


SEADEV was founded out of a desire to build a company that honors God and loves others. We believe there is life, purpose, and freedom in the teachings of Jesus Christ and we reflect these teachings in how we operate our business. 

Our purpose is to Create jobs, Improve lives, and Make awesome stuff

Our market niche is effective, beautiful, affordable digital marketing & sales solutions. 

Every team member is committed to modeling the Seadev Core Values.  


Continuously make 1% improvements in everything.

  • 1% Improvements are not big dramatic changes that take time and leadership approvals.
  • Everyone can make 1% changes. 
  • Everything can be improved (all work, processes and relationships)


Iteratively deliver value quickly with less headaches.

  • Iteration, not perfection. 
  • Cycle of planning, executing, evaluating, improving at every stage.
  • Fail often, fail early, make it better.
  • Be flexible, adaptable and naturally respond to change quickly.


View problems as opportunities.

  • We solve our own problems but ask for help when needed.
  • Every Innovation was born from a problem that was solved.
  • We do hard things and don’t fear failure.
  • Our collective perspective maximizes our ability to solve problems.
  • Solve for the 20% that gives 80% of the value.
  • Have Fun, Celebrate wins!


Do the right thing, and take responsibility for mistakes.

  • Accountability includes: Our Processes, Our Work, Our Relationships. 
  • Think Professional Coach, not Police.
  • Is smooth execution without drama. 
  • Focus on what is important, eliminates distractions.
  • Trust each other with Open and Honest communication.
  • Integrity in all we think, say, and do.
  • Become a better person in work and life.


Love one another well.

  • Multiple Bottom Line Company that focuses on more than financial profits.
  • We are people of diverse backgrounds that focus on the collective good
  • Assume the best in others.
  • Our words should give “life”. No toxic talk, No Gossip.
  • Resolve conflicts/misunderstandings quickly.
  • Families are always welcome. 
  • Improve others’ lives.
  • Investing our resources, time, skills into our communities.

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