SEADEV Core Values


In every aspect of our organization and our individual work we seek to “find a better way”. A neverending striving to provide better service to our clients, to increase productivity, to gain new knowledge, to generate greater results, ultimately to leave our part of the world a better place for having existed.




All our interaction should generate value. From a phone call with a vendor to the final delivery of our service the individual on the receiving side should walk away feeling they have received something of value. This requires that everyone in the company must maintain the highest quality in our work and be proud of the products and services we deliver to our customers. We love to create “wow” moments in our services, our products, and all interactions.




Decisions need to be supported by solid reasoning, data, and experiences, we don’t just guess. Patterns exist in everything and everywhere and by using data we identify these patterns, make strategic decisions, implement action, and measure results. While data is important we maintain a healthy balance of facts and faith, being open to taking risks that are calculated. Good decisions are supported by good data.




We are a company that conducts ourselves with integrity. No bribes, no compromises, no blame-shifting, no hiding or twisting the truth. We take responsibility for our own mistakes and work tirelessly to resolve our individual issues, but we know when to ask for help. Everyone is accountable to someone, our teammates, and our clients, our investors, our families, our communities. All decisions are made for the collective good of our communities, not personal profit.


We love making awesome stuff with awesome people. We strive to build meaningful relationships with everyone. We genuinely care about each other treating each other as more than co-workers, clients, or vendors but as friends and family. We realized the work we do is more meaningful when we share with others and that our work and actions honor God. Seadev seeks to be “life-giving” within our communities and on those who interact with us.

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