Seadev Academy

Training disadvantaged young adults to successfully
start or advance their tech careers.

Our greatest opportunity to reduce poverty and change lives in Vietnam is to teach coding. Through the use of technical training we help move people from poverty to middle class families.

Technology is driving massive shifts in pay scales and economic conditions for communities all around the world and poverty is at an all time low. However the average monthly salary in Vietnam remains at approximately $150 USD with an estimated 9 million earning less than $31 USD per month.

Due to access to internet, a young population, a growing freelance economy, and high demand for skilled developers, Danang has seen an increase in developer salaries ranging from 5-10 times that of Vietnam’s average monthly salary. We can leverage this momentum to transform individuals and communities.

Our 11 month Pilot Training Program is a joint partnership between Seadev and Passerelles Numériques Vietnam (PNV), a non-profit organization providing technical and professional training in to young underprivileged people from disadvantaged backgrounds and in extremely precarious situations, with 50% being women.

Our students will follow an intensive curriculum that focuses on career readiness, professional skills, and full development life-cycle training from planning to release.

Each year a group of non-profit or social enterprise projects will be selected for grants into the Academy program. Working collaboratively in teams, our students will work on these projects giving our students invaluable real world experience while multiplying our impact globally.

Are you a non-profit or social enterprise that needs a new website but are limited by budget constraints? Apply for an Academy Project Grant for 50% of the development costs –

Our objective is to be self sustainable and able to scale within year three of our Seadev Academy program. With an anticipated tech salary of 5-11 times the average Vietnam salary, our students will commit to “paying-it-forward” by sharing a portion of their future salary to fund the next students’ training. This reduces the risk for students while creating a growth model.

As we launch our pilot program we need support from social investors to provide the seed funding. Beyond our seed funding our sustainability goal is to connect social investment funds with student ambition for a small financial return while generating a large social impact in Vietnam. Email us to start investing!

We have a big vision for how we can impact more lives in Danang, Vietnam but need your support to make it all possible. Our pilot program costs over the next 18 months will be $150,000 for curriculum development, facilities, equipment, instructors, and student recruitment. Seadev has invested $20,000 into the startup as seeds of faith that something greater will grow with your support.

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