Case Study

Shickel Corporation


website development / social media marketing

Shickel Corporation knows metal. Established in Bridgewater, VA in 1938, Shickel is an American company acclaimed for its design, fabrication, and installation of exceptional custom metal products. Their team’s experience and craftsmanship can meet challenges that no other can, and win bids for very unique projects serving universities, hospitals, private homes, museums, the pharmaceutical industry, historic sites, and beyond. They maintain quality and customer service as their highest priorities to deliver the best possible results for their clients.

The Challenge

The quality of Shickel Corporation’s services and products are among the best in the metalworking industry, however their outdated website did not reflect their high standards and capabilities, nor did they have other channels through which they could convey their brand promise. This situation presented barriers to attracting top talent and new customers.

The Solution

Finding common ground in our shared standards for excellence, Shickel entrusted Seadev to reestablish their online presence with a complete redesign of their website and to launch their first-ever social media marketing strategy. Thanks to Seadev’s holistic website redesign and launch of social media marketing channels, Shickel Corporation now has an online presence they’re proud to promote. These platforms unify to fully convey Shickel’s story: Their family-oriented team values, unique metalworking capabilities, the extraordinary work they’ve produced, and the quality and care they bring to each of their clients. Shickel is now positioned to attract new customers throughout North America and to recruit exceptional talent who want to be aligned with an exceptional company like Shickel Corporation.

Digital Agency

Shickel Corporation now has an online presence they’re proud to promote!


Through simplified navigation, animated transitions, and powerful visual storytelling, Seadev transformed Shickel Corporation’s website into an engaging experience for visitors that clearly conveys what sets Shickel apart from their competitors. We built in performance enhancements to trigger fast, crisp loading of the many large-scale images that display Shickel’s impressive portfolio  and employed a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to ensure the site loads just as quickly for a visitor based anywhere in the US as it does for Shickel’s neighbors in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. This was key as the website is often Shickel’s first point of introduction through which they can demonstrate depth and diversity of their skills to potential clients throughout America.


Prior to their partnership with Seadev, Shickel Corporation had not utilized social media marketing. Seeing an opportunity for Shickel to expand its brand awareness and propel their talent recruitment efforts, we worked with the Shickel team to develop marketing communications strategies and launched four social media channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+. Seadev provides ongoing content development and analytics analysis for Shickel’s social media posts and Facebook ads. Our team digests and explains otherwise complicated social media marketing metrics as easy-to-understand insights to help Shickel benchmark successes, measure conversions of visitors to their website, and set new goals.

“When we set out to build a completely new website we had to pick somebody we trusted to turn our vision into a reality. Seadev earned our trust early on through great communication and continued earning it by providing us great work through each step until we reached a great final product.”

Benjamin Meyerhoeffer, Shickel Corporation

Web Development

  • Information Architecture
  • User Flow Mapping
  • Wireframing and Prototype
  • Visual Design
  • Responsive Design


  • Online Brand Reputation Management
  • Posting Plan Development
  • Facebook Advertising Management