On-page Content optimization for SEO benefits, what’s included?

So what is On-page Content optimization?

Here are the things we cover when reviewing the content you’ve developed to provide optimization suggestions for SEO benefits:

  1. URL
  2. Meta data
  3. Page Title
  4. Page structure
  5. Media
  6. Keyword Usage
  7. Content & Backlink

At a quick glance, we make sure the answer is “YES” for the following questions (and more):

URL: Is it user-friendly? Does it include the right keywords?

Metadata: Are they available? Are they following best SEO practice? Is it “responsive” when being shown on different devices? Etc.

Page Title: Is it compelling to the target audience? Does it have the right tag? Is it placed at the right place on the page?

Page structure: Is it well-organized with proper tags? Is it easy for readers to follow?

Media: Are they in use appropriately? Are they “readable” to search engines? Are there a better way to leverage media content on the page for better user engagement? And so on.

Keyword Usage: Are target primary keyword there? Anchor text for internal and external linking available yet? Are they in the right place, and more.

Content and Backlink: Is the layout formatted properly for the best readability? Is the page too thin? Are there any opportunities for internal linking? Are there rooms for improvements? Is keyword density efficient? To name but a few.

We hope this short explanation provides you with a better understanding of what’s taken place behind the scenes when your blog posts are reviewed for content optimization suggestions. If you are already one of our valued clients and you have further questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact your Account Manager. Otherwise, drop us a line at https://seadev.us/contact/!