Case Study



website development / business bevelopment strategy / brand identity / social media marketing

CUED-In, College & University Education Decision - Intelligence, is a compass to help navigate the complex world of college decisions with a goal to reduce student loans and confusion regarding college financing.

The Challenge

Harrisonburg, Virginia startup CUED-IN, came to Seadev with a vision to help students make more informed financial decisions about college through the use of an interactive college cost calculator and online community. CUED-IN had the idea, but needed help developing the strategy and technology to bring the idea to life.

The Approach

Seadev provided business development consultation, market research and brand identity design allowing CUED-IN to introduce a limited feature website to facilitate securing additional investment capital. Following the success of the limited feature website, Seadev developed a college comparison and search tool on CUED-IN’s website, creating a better user experience than the US Government managed College Scorecard website. In parallel with the technology development, Seadev implemented an online marketing strategy supporting CUED-IN with both blog article content planning and social media marketing.

Business Development Strategy

Instead of spending months building a product that people do not want, we developed a strategic road map allowing CUED-IN to release the desired product to customers’ as fast as possible. Our objective with CUED-IN is to continuously test the vision of CUED-IN and adapt our development as we identify CUED-IN’s key customers needs and interests.

Website Design & Development

The first public release of CUED-IN’s website was in the form of a online knowledge sharing community. The website included a blog, forum and Q&A section. The second public release of the website included a search interface and college comparison feature that allows students to compare their top-choice schools, therefore gaining greater insight into costs and outcomes of their future degrees.

Social Media Marketing

CUED-IN needed to establish itself within the academic realm, thus a social media campaign was launched prior to the public release of the website. The campaign aimed to identify CUED-IN as a thought leader and build a loyal fan base through sharing tips, resources, relevant news and blog articles. With the completion of the second public release of the website, Seadev adapted the social media strategy to also include promoting CUED-IN’s interactive forum and college comparison and search tool in a fun and engaging way across multiple social media channels.