Who We Are Looking For:

We are looking for a Project Manager who is self driven and a deep desire to engage, influence and consistently deliver value to the company. SEADEV is an international marketing agency focusing on web & app development, digital marketing, and branding. We foster a creative, high standards environment, and empower our team members to raise to new levels both personally and professionally.


Project Manager is in charge of schedules, budgets, resources and deliverables for projects. Monitors teams to make sure goals and objectives are tracked. Possesses knowledge of larger landscapes without neglecting small details while tracking the project health, identifying potential risks and resolving issues as they arise. Maintains process and monitors scope with high standards of quality.

What do you need?

  • Fluent and effective communication skills in English and Vietnamese (speaking, listening, writing, and reading) with customers, team and stakeholders. IELTS 6.5+ is a plus.
  • Proven 3 years working experience in Project Management with Agile methodology.
  • Foundational knowledge in web development.
  • Business & IT strategy experience.
  • Customer-focused mindset.
  • Experience in strategic planning, risk management and/or change management.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Excellent decision-making and leadership capabilities.
  • Contract negotiation and conflict resolution experience.
  • Detail-oriented, Analytical and strong organizational skills.

What will you do?

  • Oversee project teams, create strategic plans.
  • Define project schedules, allocate resources and monitor project success.
  • Align clear project objectives with company goals.
  • Monitor production timelines and product quality to customers and key stakeholders.
  • Report on project progress and offer viable solutions and opportunities as they arise.
  • Enable Design and Development teams to complete all project tasks based on company/client standards.
  • Lead meetings and set expectations for project teams.
  • Lead process of issue identification and resolution.
  • Manage risk tracking process.
  • Monitor and manage scope.
  • Manage all documentation.
  • Work multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Foster relationships with customers/stakeholders/team members.
  • Work closely with the Account Manager to define appropriate strategies for the client’s project.

Why working at Seadev?

  • Year-end bonus, a work anniversary bonus, referral bonus, birthday gift
  • Commission for bringing new projects to the company
  • Annual salary increase based on job performance results
  • 17 days off allowance per year: 10 days annual leave, 5 days sick leave, 2 Christmas day leave (on top of public holidays)
  • Professional training & social workshops at the Social Forum every Wednesday
  • Advanced English class with native speakers for all levels
  • Social insurance, health insurance, and unemployment insurance from probationary period
  • FREE daily healthy snack and Friday lunch
  • Team building events & holiday: Company retreat, Family Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Year End party
  • Weekly sports activities: Table tennis, football, badminton

Our Core Values:

  • Never satisfied with good enough – In every aspect of our organization and our individual work we seek to “find a better way”.
  • Always Deliver Value – All our interactions should generate value. We love to create “wow” moments in our services, our products, and all interactions.
  • Think Strategically – Decisions need to be supported by solid reasoning, data, and experiences, we don’t just guess.
  • Everyone Accountable to someone – Everyone is accountable to someone, our teammates, and our clients, our investors, our families, our communities.
  • Love (Work, People, Community) – We love making awesome stuff with awesome people. Seadev seeks to be “life-giving” within our communities and on those who interact with us.

How to Apply:

  1. Please fill in all information in the Join our team! section (on your right-hand side) and submit your CV in English.
  2. In the Additional Information section, please provide the answer to 2 additional questions as follows:
    • Please share the details and the reason for your most favorite project that you used to manage.
    • How do you describe yourself as a project manager to different types of stakeholders in a project?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We’ll be happy to help!


Danang, Vietnam.