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How Much Does a Website Cost With Seadev?

The answer to this, as you may have guessed, is that it depends! Don’t worry though, we’ll take a look at a few scenarios below, to help you get a ballpark for what you might expect.

Building a custom website for your small business could cost as little as a few hundred dollars if you do it yourself, or well over $20,000 for a robust web app solution. Determining what your business needs, though, is the first step forward.

Average costs for a website with Seadev

A standard business website on average costs $1,750 upfront plus $250 paid monthly for 18 months, including management and hosting.

Our ecommerce websites on average cost $2,300 upfront then $350 per month for 18 months and include the same as a standard business site but also include payment integration and service to your ecommerce store.

Below we’ve broken down these costs and what’s included.

A few starting questions…

  1. What is the main objective of your website?
  2. Who is using it and how are they using it?
  3. Do you have an ecommerce store and if not should you launch one?
  4. Are your customers experiencing frustrations with your current website?
  5. Are there business processes that can be implemented in your website that would find efficiencies in your day to day operations?

Should I build, host, and manage a website on my own?

For most small businesses, no, you shouldn’t…or at least not to start out.

If you’ve started looking into a website redesign or even a new website for your small business, I’m sure you’ve also seen ads for Wix other cheap/DIY options. These may be legitimately good choices for some, but for most, you’ll end up spending countless hours setting it up, not to mention when things don’t go as planned.

If you’re not sure what you’ll need for your website, or what your customers would be best served by, any good web design company should be able to get you headed in the right direction. You can always get in touch with us if you’d like to speak with a member of our team.

Seadev Website Pricing Breakdown

Pricing for a Seadev built and managed website is typically split into 3 parts: initial setup, custom development or integration, and ongoing monthly costs.

Our standard setup cost is $1,750. 

Setup is more of a down payment of sorts on the complete project, and helps us get our team’s resources allocated to your project.

This setup cost also includes an SEO audit of your current website to help benchmark your site’s potential to rank and find low hanging fruit for ways to improve in the new build.

Varied custom development costs (paid once upfront)

In addition to the setup, if a client requires development of custom features or integration of 3rd party tools and software, that may incur additional costs at the start of the project.

This can vary depending on the complexity of what needs to be done, but most commonly, this is a simple one-time integration fee, which covers the costs for the plugin or tool + development time.

Our most common custom development requests and integrations are listed below. As for pricing of the integrations, it varies depending on the complexity of the integration, but most integrations are less than a one time cost of $2,500 at Seadev.

Common Integrations 

  • Stripe Payment
  • Square Up POS
  • Paypal Payment Processing
  • Booking Engine
  • Automated Calendar Appointments / Bookings
  • Sprout Invoicing and Payment Processing

Monthly costs range from $250 to $450 for the first 18 months

This monthly cost applies for rebuilds and new websites alike.

For new clients, we rebuild your site on a fresh and up-to-date code base and host on our servers. You may wonder why we don’t just start with the code from your old website, but it’s actually faster, and therefore more affordable, for our developers to start from our in-house code base than it is for us to build on top of another web development agency’s (often outdated) code.

Services and inclusions for all websites 

  • Always up hosting
  • Responsive design (mobile optimized)
  • Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Web and graphic design
  • Unlimited pages for your website
  • Search Engine Optimized code
  • Speed enhancements
  • Goal and conversion tracking
  • Content Management System (CMS – WordPress)
  • 24/7 Security monitoring
  • Unlimited bandwidth and web hosting space
  • Redundant site configuration
  • Dedicated service from our team

$250 Month – Business Monthly Package

Seadev’s business monthly package is the ideal package for the vast majority of simple business websites. This includes all the basic services listed above, but only includes one major code development cycle.

That effectively means that for major changes to the site, whether it’s design related or new functionality, you have one included change. Some clients use this for a design refresh of the site (e.g. 13 months into your contract, if you want to change the design…you can, without added costs!) while others use it to add functionality to the site.

$350 Month – Business Unlimited

The business unlimited package includes all the basics as the previous package, but upgrades to unlimited code changes and includes quarterly analytic reports from our team. This report includes data on user behavior and trends, as well as recommendations on how to turn the analytics into actionable business decisions.

The unlimited code changes gives growing and evolving businesses peace of mind with their website. On this tier of service, you’re free to make as many structural and design changes as you’d like, without incurring added costs. Plugins and 3rd party tools may have additional nominal fees though.

To clarify, having new content put on the site, images posted, links added, etc are all part of our standard management to your website, and are included in any of our packages. The code changes are specifically changes that require our developers to get involved.

$350 Month – Ecommerce Monthly

The standard ecommerce monthly package is similar to the business monthly package, but it includes service to your ecommerce store, if applicable, including getting it properly setup and managing it for you on an ongoing basis.

We don’t charge more for higher volumes of products or listings, either, unlike other development companies.

$450 Month – Ecommerce Unlimited

As you may have guessed, like the business unlimited, this service tier includes our standard service to websites, including hosting, management, CDN, security, etc. but also has unlimited code changes available allowing you to keep your ecommerce store up to date with the demands of your market.

Other potential costs

Logo design = $700

Custom animations = $35 per hour

Unique custom development request = Price varies depending on complexity

Can I just pay $1,750 and host the site on my own?

The short answer is no.

We are asked this question nearly every week, and totally understand why!

The way we’ve structured our pricing could lead you to believe that $1,750 is the cost to build your new website, and then $250+ per month is what we charge to service that new website.

This is not true for one main reason: we split the cost of your new website into 18 payments.

Your first payment of the setup (+ any integrations) and your first month of service are more like a down payment on the work, and the remaining cost of the new website is divided across the following 17 monthly payments.

If you want to pay upfront, you can get a 12% discount on the setup + monthly fees (excludes integrations), but for some small businesses, cash flow may not allow for a $5,000+ upfront payment.

A disclaimer – renewal contracts are available after the initial 18 month contract, for 12 months at a time, and there are options ranging from $110 per month all the way up to our $450 per month ecommerce unlimited service.

How competitive is Seadev’s pricing compared to other web design agencies?

We believe it’s very competitive! But we’re also biased.

You should certainly shop around when looking for help with your website. Just make sure you’re comparing apples to apples when it comes to what’s included for the various quotes.

Many web design agencies will build a basic business website for $3,000 to $6,000, but this won’t get you everything you’ll need and it will usually be for a set number of pages. Seadev doesn’t charge per page, as we feel businesses shouldn’t feel restricted in how much content they can have on their site.

Be sure to ask any potential agencies whether they’re building a tailored and custom design, or if they’re simply taking the content you create and pasting it into a premium WordPress theme. More often than not, they’re simply doing exactly what you could pay a college student ~$1,000 to do.

In addition to the actual design and development, you’ll need hosting services, someone to manage content, technical support, etc. From standard agencies, $3-6,000 is just the beginning, with Seadev, you’re getting a partner and dedicated content update support for 18 months with hosting and maintenance included in your service.

It’s cliche, but you’re getting more than a vendor with Seadev. We partner with our clients to add value in many areas, including business strategy, marketing plans, design ideas, and much more. Understanding the core objectives both you have as a business owner, and your customers have is central to our work for clients, and we do this through analyzing your website’s analytics, learning about your industry, and putting ourselves in your customers shoes.

Would you like a quote specific to your needs? Request a call using this link.


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